COSIPA Executive Board 2020


Janet L. Hamilton

Risk Manager

City of Livermore

Vice President

Laura Marquez

Assistant Risk Manager

City of Richmond


Pamela Mackie

Risk Management Analyst

City of Fullerton


Jamelle Peck

Claims Manager

City of Long Beach

Legal Advisor

Anne Hernandez

Managing Senior Partner

Mullen & Fillippi, LLP


Beverly M. Jensen

Risk Manager

City of Lodi

Nancy Rice

Workers Compensation Manager

County of Monterey

Jill Degnan

Workers’ Compensation Manager

City of San Diego

Samantha Lambert

Risk Management Supervisor

City of Santa Ana

Committed to providing ongoing quality training and education to public agency professionals working in the California workers’ compensation industry

2023 Schedule of Events

October 5, 2023

November 2, 2023


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